Washington Watch: Yes, George Santos is likely going to be seated in the new Congress

by | Dec 28, 2022 | Stock Market

Despite admitting to having told several lies during his campaign, Republican congressman-elect George Santos is likely to be seated in the new Congress, experts said Wednesday. “All the odds are that he’s going to be seated,” said Casey Burgat, director of the legislative affairs program at George Washington University’s graduate school of political management, in an interview.

Eric Gander, an associate professor of public argument at Baruch College, City University of New York, agreed. “He can’t be denied his seat by the Congress,” Gander said, in an interview. News that Long Island prosecutors are launching an investigation into his campaign won’t stop him from getting his seat if he is determined, Burgat said. “We’ve had members under indictment serve,” Burgat said. If Santos remains determined to take his seat, the Supreme Court has ruled that the certified winner of an election can only be prevented from taking office if they don’t meet age, citizenship and state residency requirements. “Santos checks all those boxes,” Burgat said. The only way to block Santos would be to seat him and then vote to expel him by a two-thirds vote of the chamber. That’s an extremely rare occurrence. The House has only expelled five members in its history.  See more: Tulsi Gabbard challenges George Santos: ‘Do you have no shame?’  Earlier this month, an investigation by the New York Times found that Santos had told falsehoods thro …

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