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Her mother was a budding student athlete, bought Caroline a book about Genghis Khan when she was a child, and is a senior economics lecturer at MIT

Ellison’s mother, Sara Ellison, is a senior lecturer in economics at MIT. Her research has focused on industrial organization, in particular on the pharmaceutical industry and ecommerce.Ellison studied her bachelors at Purdue University, before progressing to Cambridge in England on a Churchill Scholarship and then to MIT for her PhD. While at Purdue, she was a member of both Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi. As a student, Ellison also played lacrosse, squash, and tennis, rowed, and was an oboe player in two Purdue orchestras.She has also¬†worked as a night janitor at Eli Lilly, a cashier at Dairy Queen, and as a tennis coach.After graduating, Ellison worked at the National Bureau of Economic Research. She joined MIT in 1995 as a visiting assistant professor, and has been a senior lecturer since 1999.Ellison has also coauthored a MOOC on data analysis for social scientists which MIT says has won awards and attracted more than 100,000 learners. She serves on the editorial board of three industrial-organization journals and has cowritten multiple papers with her husband.Caroline’s Tumblr account gives some insight into her mother’s life and interests.Caroline wrote that she thought as a child that her mother’s life “seemed kind of terrible.” She said her mother spent her weekends taking her kids to lessons and playdates, cleaning the house, gardening, and doing other chores.”Even her fun was work: she’d invite friends over for dinner, but that meant hours of grocery shopping and cooking and cleaning up,” Caroline wrote. “Now I see it differently; she has a very firm conception of what a good life looks like for her family, and she works to achieve it.”Caroline wrote on Tumblr that when she was about 11 she had to read a biography and create a presentation about why that person was a hero for a class competition. She said her mom found it “really funny” to buy her a Genghis Khan biography.Sara also refuses to watch sad films in favor of lighthearted comedies, Caroline wrote.”She read no novels at all; her reading tastes tended toward histories of salt or the shipping container,” Caroline wrote of her mother. “I thought this was all very sad.”Sara Ellison an …

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