Why You Should Try Spontaneous Travel In 2023

by | Dec 19, 2022 | Travel

Planning a vacation often entails months of researching, asking friends for recommendations, strategizing around costs, making reservations and otherwise preparing for a nice escape from your everyday life. But that’s not the only way to travel. In fact, many people enjoy more last-minute getaways.“Spontaneous travel is one of my absolute favorite ways to travel,” travel blogger Rocky Trifari told HuffPost. “The spontaneity takes away a lot of the stress that comes from the arduous planning and anticipation of a trip. It can even be empowering to recognize that in some cases, those planning procedures we typically follow aren’t nearly as necessary as we brainwash ourselves to believe.”AdvertisementTaking a spontaneous trip is a great way to let flexibility be your guide and explore destinations that weren’t necessarily on your radar. Don’t hesitate to go outside your travel comfort zone. And it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend more money.“It’s unlikely someone comes back from a trip regretting they took it, and additionally, the spontaneous travel doesn’t have to mean booking a flight the day before and traveling for a month,” said Katy Nastro, a spokesperson for Scott’s Cheap Flights. “It can even be seeing a great fare pop up, booking a week or long-weekend stay when you had no intention of taking that trip at all.”Below, travel experts break down the benefits of spontaneous travel and share their top tips for making the best of a last-minute trip. A spontaneous trip allows you to be more present.“The benefit of spontaneous travel is that it allows you to be more present,” said travel blogger Esther Susag. “Instead of needing to make sure you check everything off of your planned itinerary, you are able to take it all in and not feel the pressure of needing to rush to your next stop.”AdvertisementThese types of trips tend to comes with more bare-bones itineraries ― or no itinerary at all ― which makes for a slower, calmer experience. “With spontaneous travel, you don’t have the time to figure out every ‘top spot’ to see, so instead when you arrive and you find something you are enjoying, there’s not that pressure to leave immediately to fit everything in,” Susag said.There’s greater openness to the endless possibilities in travel.In October, the team at Skyscanner re …

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