Beth Pinsker: It’s time to buy I-bonds again. Here are 3 ways to maximize your $10,000 inflation-fighting investment.

by | Jan 5, 2023 | Stock Market

Another year, another $10,000 you can buy in Series I bonds.  The once-obscure Treasury investment soared in popularity last year because of its enticing inflation-adjusted rate, which peaked at 9.62%. That leapfrogged bank deposit accounts and completely trounced negative stock- and bond returns. The caveat? Individuals are limited to $10,000 per year, and those who hit the maximum had to wait until the new year to get more.

So now that you can buy more, the question is, when should you?  The current annualized offering at is 6.89%, which is a composite of a 0.4% fixed rate that stays for the life of the bond, and a half-year rate of 3.24% that is good until the end of April. Note that you’re locked into I-bonds for one year, and you lose three months of interest if you cash out before five years.  At the turn of the new year, that’s above comparable investments that are still under 5%, such as high-yield savings accounts, certificates of deposits, TIPS and Treasury bills and notes — but not by quite the margin as last year. The next rate change happens on May 1, and we’ll know the last batch of data that feeds into how the inflation adjustment is calculated in mid-April. 1. Why to buy I-bonds now Making …

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