NerdWallet: Taxis still reign over rideshares in some places. Here are 6 safety tips for taking taxis when you travel.

by | Jan 6, 2023 | Stock Market

This article is reprinted by permission from NerdWallet.  Anyone who’s traveled has experienced the difficulty of negotiating transportation in a new city. Whether you’re trying to hop on a local train or figure out where the hotel shuttle pickup is, getting to and from places within your destination can sometimes feel like half the battle. 

Taking advantage of a taxi can be a quick and simple way to get around, but are taxis safe? Are they safer than Uber
or other peer-to-peer ride hailing services?  Here are six quick safety tips for navigating your taxi situation while traveling so you’ll never feel uneasy in the back seat. 1. Have it professionally arranged There are still locations where taxis reign supreme over rideshares and public transit. In this case, you’ll want to do your best to have a taxi arranged for you. Locals to a country are more likely to know the trusted taxi companies, and businesses such as in-airport taxi services can help you find a driver with ease.  The same can be said for hotels; many times, front desk agents are able to call for rides with their pre-arranged cab companies. Some higher-end hotels provide their own car service, an amenity that can be included or added later to your hotel folio.  Read: 4 tips for staying healthy while traveling during this ‘tripledemic’ cold and flu season2. Use the meter If you’re hopping inside a taxi, the easiest way to make sure that you won’t be overpaying is by asking to use the meter. This type of situation will be highly loc …

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