Next Avenue: How this 82-year-old got back on her skis, even after an injury

by | Jan 4, 2023 | Stock Market

This article is reprinted by permission from Looking ahead at the trail, it went downhill on a very steep grade. I was on skinny cross-country skis intended for use doing a classic stride. I had gone down this grade for over a half dozen ski seasons. So why am I eyeing it with so much apprehension? Why do I have sewing machine legs? Why butterflies in my stomach? Why am I sweating so?

I know I can snowplow down this grade. But, I am so afraid of falling. So, I do not go into a snowplow position; instead, I put my skis parallel across the slope, place my poles on either side of the skis, and carefully side step down the hill, taking tiny steps, digging my ski edges into the snow, carefully, so carefully. It takes me forever to get down. What is the matter with me? For starters, my internal dialogue is “don’t fall,” “be careful,” and “whatever you do, don’t fall; the doctors won’t be able to fix your shoulder if you fall.” My anxiety about falling is based on reality. Last season during the first week of March, I fell while cross-country skiing. I had stopped to tighten my ski boots, dropped my poles, reached down; the terrain was flat, and my skis took off. I fell and, in doing so, put out my arm to …

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