The Margin: How ‘quiet quitting,’ ‘bond yields’ and ‘goblin mode’ came to define 2022

by | Jan 2, 2023 | Stock Market

Don’t let anyone “gaslight” you into a “permacrisis” over your slide into “goblin mode” — or whatever we’re branding your obsession with yet another pair of cashmere sweatpants and ordering in takeout every night of the week. These three were just a few of the words and phrases that shaped politics, shopping, entertainment, social trends, investment angst and more in 2022.

Here’s a look at what these occasionally new, but mostly recycled or reimagined, single words and phrases meant to people using them in their daily lives. And certainly, these latest additions to the lexicon perplexed others wondering why anyone is using these terms at all. Some selections are purely cultural, which increasingly means that they’re political, too. Others define how we approached our spending, saving and investing in 2022, a year that featured a sometimes painful inflationary snapback from the worst of COVID-19, surging interest rates, Russia’s attack on Ukraine, key elections in the U.S. and other powerful countries, more evidence of a climate crisis, not to mention all the ways that “normal” life has been reimagined at work and at home, especially as the pandemic loiters. Some words can be taken as positive reflections for the way we protect ourselves from all that life dishes out. Other choices take very common words and force us to examine how we best can evolve as a society. Here’s our non-exhaustive list.Gaslighting “Gaslighting” as a vernacular fixture apparently burns on, with Merriam-Webster having chosen gaslighting as its 2022 top word. That dictionary defines the term as “the act or practice of grossly misleading someone especially for one’s own advantage.” Searches for the term on increased 1,740% this year. “From politics to pop culture to relationships, it has become a favored word for the perception o …

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