The Moneyist: ‘It’s still painful’: My wife of just one year left me, took all her belongings and won’t answer her phone. How do I protect my finances?

by | Jan 9, 2023 | Stock Market

Dear Quentin, I’ve been married for about a year. I bought my home before we were married. Two weeks ago, I came home to an empty house. My wife left me, and took all her belongings. It’s still painful and I feel as if I’m grieving. She hasn’t said anything and won’t answer her phone. What should I do? How do I protect myself?

Husband in TexasDear Husband, I’m sorry this happened, and for the way it happened. It’s a shock to the system, and I’m not surprised that you feel like you are grieving. Contact mutual friends and family to make sure she is OK, and to ensure there was no foul play or that she is having some kind of a mental-health crisis. You don’t say anything about your marriage, or what may have led to her departure. “Fight or flight” is a primal response for how some people deal with stress and/or other dangers. In the meantime, contact a divorce attorney. Your attorney will likely advise you to file for a formal separation agreement and, depending on what happens with your wife, file for divorce. Rules vary by state, but your lawyer may ask you to consider withdrawing half of your money from your j …

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