10 Ways To Make Sleeping At The Airport Less Miserable

by | Feb 16, 2023 | Travel

I’ll never forget arriving at Los Angeles International Airport after a dream vacation to Hawaii ― not because returning to the continental U.S. was so memorable, but because my family had to spend the night in the terminal.Due to a series of unexpected delays, we would only have about seven hours between our late-night arrival at the airport and morning departure. So, reaching out to local friends or paying for hotel rooms and taxis seemed like a waste of time and money. However, the utter exhaustion and terrible back pain we all felt the next day did have us questioning our choice.AdvertisementSleeping at the airport is not an uncommon situation. Whether your evening flight was canceled or you made a decision to save money, many circumstances can lead to this uncomfortable experience.Occasionally, airlines are responsible for issuing hotel vouchers or otherwise arranging accommodation for passengers stranded because of flight issues, but it can depend on the reason for the disruption, the terms of service and where you are in the world. “If a delay or missed connection is due to weather or other ‘acts of God,’ then you are on your own,” said Mark Wolters, the creator of the popular YouTube travel channel Wolters World.Although sleeping at the airport isn’t ideal, there are ways to at least improve the experience. Speaking to HuffPost, Wolters and other seasoned travelers shared their advice for making it more bearable.AdvertisementWear Comfortable Clothing“Slee …

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