Kelley Blue Book: 5 essential EV charging apps

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Stock Market

Buying a fully electric car or pickup truck presents a whole new world of possibilities, like never needing to pump a single gallon of fuel. It also raises many questions, like where and how to charge your electric vehicle, including beyond your home or office. This is where charging apps come to the rescue. Improving battery technology means a typical EV can travel longer distances. And that helps reduce the dreaded range anxiety that keeps many car shoppers on the fence when it comes time to consider an electric car. Yet, when you take long drives that extend beyond your EV’s maximum range, you’ll need a public charging station.

Charging apps can be invaluable for getting the most out of any EV. Let’s take a look at popular charging apps, which apps you need, and the best ones to keep loaded in your smartphone. You might like: The 2023 Kia EV6 vs. the VW ID.4: Two very different approaches to going electricWhat do charging apps help with? A charging app can help an electric vehicle owner find charging stations. Phone apps also help users determine if the chargers are Level 2 or 3 DC Fast Charging stations. Some also indicate the kilowatts available and if the units are currently in use. Apps also let users monitor their vehicle’s charging status once plugged in. Users might plan routes to maximize their electric car’s available range and even …

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