The Moneyist: ‘And then 2022 happened’: I borrowed $500,000 from friends and family to invest in the stock market, foolishly promising a 10% return. Can I avoid legal action?

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Stock Market

Dear Quentin, I am a budding options/futures trader with my own sole proprietor investment business.  Heading into 2022, I took on a large cash infusion of $500,000 from friends and family under the guise of a promise I made to issue a 10% return on their money. This promise was made via a signed promissory note, and the return was less than the annual return I had been experiencing years before.

And then 2022 happened. It was an extremely bad year for the markets, and the worst I’d seen since I had been actively trading. Needless to say, I was not able to make due on my promise and I am not in a place where I have funds left to pay back those friends and family. This has severely fractured some of the relationships I value the most, and put my friends and family in a very stressful situation.   I still plan to make financial restitution to everyone, but since then I have to rebuild my finances almost from scratch. The question I have is twofold: What’s the best way to mend and repair the relationships with friends and family, and to what extent could …

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