Weekend Sip: Chocolate, cream and booze — what’s not to love about this liqueur?

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Stock Market

The bottle Mozart Chocolate Cream liqueur, around $30 nationally.The back story Looking for a sweet Valentine’s Day gift that’s not a box of chocolates? Here’s chocolate in a boozy, liquid form — and it has a classical-music twist.

The Mozart liqueur was introduced in 1979, but it really has its roots in a culture and tradition that goes back centuries. That is, the liqueur is made in Salzburg, Austria, where Mozart was born in 1756. It’s also a city that loves its chocolate. So, naturally, the two things had to be combined in some way. In fact, Mozart-themed chocolate candy has been around since the 19th Century — long before the liqueur was launched by a Salzburg distillery. The liqueur has been under different ownerships over the years, but is now part of Marussia Beverages Group, a conglomerate that has a number of wine and spirits brands. But it is still made in Salzburg. “The composition of our chocolate liqueur is characterized by the highest quality and a love of detail,” Marussia marketing director Janny Manger told MarketWatch. She pointed to the key ingredients that go into the sip, including Belgian chocolate — “the finest” kind, she said — and a specially blended cream sourced from the Netherlands. The other distinguishing characteristic of the liqueur? Its unique packaging in a foil-covered bottle. Though the liqueur has been around for more than 40 years, it appears to be catching on a big way of late. Sales doubled in 2022, according to Manger.What we think about it Chocolate, cream and booze…what’s not to like? That’s certainly my assessment. The Mozar …

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