: Does hair reflect freedom? From Gen Z to boomers, more women find less restrictions for hair color

by | Mar 23, 2023 | Stock Market

Hair says a lot about women — athletic, corporate, artistic, perhaps a combination of all these traits? It’s messaging, or rather perception, that the individual under that shiny crown of locks doesn’t really have control of. But maybe the message for once and for all should be what really matters is what the individual woman — or the man, or any nonconforming beauty looking in the mirror right now — thinks of themselves?

Hair is freedom. Freedom of expression. Freedom to make change. Freedom to reclaim one’s identity from what society, itself always in flux, may impose. With more of Gen Z moving into the workforce, and with income to spend, the ability to wear any color, any style on your head, and especially to know that hair choice won’t hold you back socially and professionally, matters more than ever. That’s the driver behind home-color brand Clairol’s global campaign, It’s So Me, the first such launch by the Wella Company line in five years. The program takes the sensibilities of Gen Z’s promotion of individuality, but wants to assure individuals across the age, ethnicity and socioeconomic spectrum that they can go for it with hair color. The campaign says individuals don’t have to embrace the color they were born with, rather the color they were meant to be. And they’re trying to prove it with a series of “real people” influencers already pr …

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