Help Me Retire: I’m 66, we have more than $2 million, I just want to golf – can I retire?

by | Mar 3, 2023 | Stock Market

Dear MarketWatch,  I’m 66 years and 4 months old. My Social Security payments start next month at $3,300 a month. I’m currently working part-time, three days per week, as a professional engineer for $95/hour for my long-time regular full-time employer of 28 years. (I want to leave this position ASAP or sooner.) 

I currently have about $1.6 million in retirement accounts. My wife (60 years old) has about $600,000 in various regular and retirement accounts. We have a 16-year-old daughter at home attending high school and college in a dual enrollment program. If she stays with the program she’ll have her bachelors at 19. While in high school she takes college classes and we pay no tuition while she’s in high school.  Our monthly expenses are about $9,000-10,000 per month including health insurance for my wife and daughter. We own our modest single-family home with no mortgage. Taxes and insurance are currently about $6,000 per year. We currently have no debt, aside from an American Express and Visa that we pay off every month. I’m on Medicare. I get walloped for a double premium for part “B” because I’m considered a high-wage earner. The two of us are in reasonable/normal health for a couple of old farts. I want to throw in …

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