NerdWallet: For the 22% of millennials who are now back living with their parents, here are 6 steps to moving out

by | Mar 17, 2023 | Stock Market

This article is reprinted by permission from NerdWallet.  Nearly a quarter of millennials (22%) are living with their parents, and more than half of those living with them (55%) made the move in 2022, according to a December survey from Many said they’re back home due to high rent, money concerns or job losses — and 9 in 10 say they would move out if they made more money. 

“It can be very frustrating for the parents and the young adult to be in a more dependent position than what their age dictates,” says Mariana Martinez, senior family dynamics consultant and vice president for Wells Fargo
Wealth and Investment Management. “It is useful to keep in mind that there were extraordinary circumstances that led them to their current situation.”  Here are some steps to help you find your feet again — on your own.1. Get clear on what you want “I ask every client I work with, ‘What are your goals, what are you trying to accomplish?’” says Angela Moore, a financial literacy educator and coach with Modern Money Education. “And most people do not know. They’re trying to wing it.” Write down your intentions. Do you want to get an apartment? Buy a house? Do you want to stay in the same city? Do you want a better-paying job?   “When you write your goals down, it forces you to really think through them and be intentional about what you want to do,” Moore says.  Plus: GoFundMe fundraisers for college tuition are up by more than 50% over last year2. Make a spending plan Use whatever tool you like — an app, spreadsheet, etc. — to design a budget. How much do you have in savings versus debt? What are your monthly expenses? What needs to change to help you achieve your goals? “Find out what you need to do and how much you’re going to need in savings or money or income to make the changes needed,” Moore says. Use your circumstances to your advantage — but that doesn’t mean endless shopping sprees. “I have a client who is in this situation and the allure to still live ‘the …

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