The Margin: When do we change our clocks? 6 things worth knowing about daylight-saving time

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Stock Market

Yes, it will soon be time to spring forward again: Daylight-saving time starts at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 12. That means 2 a.m. becomes 3 a.m., so be prepared to adjust your clocks accordingly. It’s a practice that started more than a century ago in the U.S. It’s also a practice that’s been subject to scrutiny and debate, especially in recent years.

So, why do we do it? And is there a case to be made for not doing it? Read on to learn more.Who came up with this daylight-saving idea in the first place (and what were they thinking)? Some say that Benjamin Franklin, that wisest of Founding Fathers, invented daylight-saving time, although that’s not exactly true. When he lived in Paris, Franklin did observe that people were wasting good daylight when the sun was rising at 6 a.m. and they were not waking up until much later. He also saw it in economic terms: “An immense sum” could be saved, he said, “by the economy of using sunshine instead of candles.” Franklin was being a bit playful. But the idea of daylight-saving was more or less formalized by a New Zealand entomologist — one George Vernon Hudson (1867-1946) — if you can imagine. Hudson liked collecting bugs, and more daylight meant more, well, bugs. So he wrote a paper proposing the time shift and prese …

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