: Are you financially fit?

by | Apr 8, 2023 | Stock Market

One week into Financial Literacy Month, the Personal Finance team at MarketWatch has prepared an abundance of articles covering various aspects of managing money. It begins with this financial literacy quiz. Chances are some of the questions will be easy for you — but you’ll probably learn something, too, and sharing the quiz with family members might spur useful conversations. There’s even a bonus question!

Find more articles on the Financial Fitness page. And here’s a lesson about life and business that Apple founder Steve Jobs shared with the iPhone maker’s current CEO, Tim Cook.How to talk about money Relationship problems often spring from money problems — or from poor communication about financial matters, regardless of wealth level. Brian Page, founder of Modern Husbands, shares tips and tools to help couples communicate about money and improve their support for each other. Quentin Fottrell has advice for a man who is worried his sons may not make the best decisions while saving up money to buy homes. Here’s how he can maintain their trust while sharing life lessons about money.How to shop for a home — and for a mortgage — in a difficult market

For Financial Literacy Month, TransUnion’s head of consumer education, Margaret Poe (left), spoke with MarketWatch’s Aarthi Swaminathan.

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Aarthi Swaminathan interviews a home buyer with a fascinating career, which is actually one of several challenges he faced in getting a mortgage. Here’s her advice on how to shop in the current market and pay as little interest as poss …

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