Outside the Box: How you and your partner can have a fighting chance to stop arguing about money

by | Apr 5, 2023 | Stock Market

Wealthy couples fight about money. Couples who are just making ends-meet fight about money. Middle-class couples fight about money. Money is the greatest cause of stress for individuals and is a strong predictor of depression, general psychological distress, mental disorders and suicidal thoughts and behavior. Financial stress can be so severe that it can cause physical pain and lasting physical damage to your body. 

Financial tension is common in many relationships:
Does that tension likely spill over and affect the quality of your relationship? 

Do you find yourself fighting about the same things when you fight about money? 

Do some of your fights about money seem more intense than many of your other disagreements? 

If this feels familiar to you, you’re not alone. Other couples report the same types of fights and feelings.  The fear of these arguments leading to divorce is well-founded. Couples who disagree about financial matters are twice as likely to divorce as those on the same page about their financ …

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