The Margin: As Donald Trump was being arrested, the scene outside became a theater of the absurd

by | Apr 4, 2023 | Stock Market

NEW YORK — Deep inside Manhattan’s Criminal Courts Building, former president Donald Trump was being arrested and arraigned, an event both significant and solemn by its very nature. But outside? It was a theater of the absurd that arguably befit the Big Apple’s over-the-top nature.

Yes, there were protestors on both sides — pro-Trump and anti-Trump — gathered to make their voices heard. But these weren’t necessarily your typical demonstrators. Instead of storming the gates or creating other forms of mayhem, they seemed more bent on entertaining each other. Take Ricardo Varona, a Trump supporter who came equipped for the occasion with two basketballs that he kept spinning non-stop. All while he roamed through the crowd on roller skates, no less. “You ain’t never going to see this at a rally,” said Varona, a Bronx native, of his aim to make political protest a little more like a Harlem Globetrotters game. But the anti-Trumpers also aimed to amuse. Witness the guy who walked around in a prison-style orange jumpsuit while donning a Trump mask. “Today is the first that Donald Trump has done something great for America because he’s getting arrested,” said the orange-clad protestor, who decli …

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