The MarketWatch Q&A: Democratic presidential longshot Marianne Williamson on challenging Biden: ‘We should have as many people running in an election as feel moved’

by | Apr 14, 2023 | Stock Market

Democrats largely have closed ranks behind President Joe Biden ahead of next year’s election, but he isn’t completely without challengers for the party’s nomination. Author and activist Marianne Williamson has thrown her hat in the ring, pursuing a longshot bid that comes after her 2020 presidential campaign fizzled out before the Iowa caucuses.

Why isn’t she falling in line and supporting her party’s incumbent president? What’s her pitch to people who think she’s not a serious candidate? What are her top economic proposals? Williamson, 70, tackled those questions and more in a phone interview earlier this week. Our Q&A with the Democratic presidential hopeful has been edited for clarity and length. MarketWatch: In a nutshell, could you explain why you’re running for president? Williamson: I’m running for president because I believe that some things need to be said and some changes need to be made, in order to repair some serious damage that’s been done to our democracy, to our country, to our people and to our environment over the last 50 years. MarketWatch: You’ve talked about running to address “systemic economic injustices endured by millions of Americans” because of the “undue influence of corporate money on our political system.” What do you see as the top examples of that? Williamson: During the 1970s, the average American worker had decent benefits, could afford a home, could afford a yearly vacation, could afford …

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