The Moneyist: The cable guy introduced a ‘friend’ to my 90-year-old stepmother who fleeced her. Am I legally responsible if she ends up destitute?

by | Apr 19, 2023 | Stock Market

Dear Quentin, Approximately five years ago, my 90-year-old stepmother’s cable guy introduced her to his sister because they were both widows, and he said Mom could help his sister out with her wisdom and experience. The sister is 40 years younger than my stepmother and has a history of opioid misuse and gambling. She moved into my stepmother’s home and convinced her to change her will, leaving everything to her, and convinced my stepmother that she is the only one who loves her.

My stepmother was all in. Her memory, cognition, hearing and health are failing, and she won’t leave her aging home. Any attempt to discuss this with her results in a vicious tantrum. To add to this soap opera, this individual has systematically isolated my stepmother from longstanding friends and family, except for my cousin and me. We did reach out to the local Adult Protective Services for investigation, and we also talked to an elder-care attorney. Both recommended that my stepmother should be in assisted living, or, at the very least, have a daily licensed-care worker visit. My stepmother will have neither. These authorities outlined an action plan, but we’ll have to wait unti …

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