12 Mistakes People Make When Booking Hotels

by | May 17, 2023 | Travel

Staying at a hotel is such a common part of the travel experience that you’d think the process is foolproof. Still, plenty of people make mistakes ― and sometimes end up paying handsomely ― when it comes to booking their travel accommodations. Whether these missteps end up costing valuable time and money or otherwise just sour the vacation experience, it’s worth taking the time to steer clear of such hassle. That’s why HuffPost asked some experts to share the common mistakes travelers make when it comes to booking a hotel.AdvertisementFrom selecting the wrong cancellation policy to grossly underestimating final costs, here are 12 hotel booking errors ― and some advice for avoiding them in your future travels.Choosing A Hotel Solely Based On Price“While it may be tempting, do not just book the cheapest hotel,” said Phil Dengler, co-founder of The Vacationer. “Before picking a hotel, you need to read reviews from a variety of different sources.”Remember there might be a good reason why the option is so cheap, whether it’s poorly reviewed or inconveniently located.“You need to check its location on Google Maps and decide if it is a good spot for your home base,” Dengler noted.AdvertisementKonrad Waliszewski, the CEO of the booking deals resource @hotel, believes that travelers often underestimate the importance of optimizing for location.“Saving a few bucks by staying further away from your preferred neighborhoods and activities may seem tempting at first, but it can result in frustration and increased time and money spent on transportation during your trip,” he said. “Prioritize convenience and proximity to your desired destinations when choosing your hotel.”Forgetting To Take Resort Fees Into Account“Unfortunately, hotel websites as well as third-party booking sites often hide resort fees until the very last second,” Dengler said. “By the time they show, many people have already filled out their personal and payment information.”He recommended searching for resort fee information before you start the actual booking process. That way you get a better sense of how much you’ll actually be paying per night.“On third-party booking sites, you can often find them listed toward the bottom of the listing,” Dengler explained. “If you do not see them, just click th …

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