A Trans Couple Went Viral After Being Harassed At Target — And Now They’re Speaking Out

by | May 26, 2023 | Politics

Octavia Jimenez was at Target with her partner, April Dean, on Thursday to pick up some prescriptions when she saw a dress that she liked in the Montana store’s Pride section. Jimenez went into the changing room to try on a rainbow-checkered dress. When she came out, there was an older man in a baseball hat looking at her holding the garment, she said in an interview. He came up close to her and said, “Enjoy it while you can.” AdvertisementAt that moment, Jimenez said she felt her sense of danger elevate. She and Dean spoke to a Target employee to ask them for assistance. That’s when Jimenez started recording. In the video, which has been shared across social media, the man is seen removing clothing from the Pride section and throwing items on the floor as a Target employee asks him to “knock it off.”Jimenez said the employee asked the man to leave the area and escorted him to the manager’s office. As a visibly trans person in Missoula, Jimenez told HuffPost she normally feels very safe but that this experience was “rattling.” The incident, which went viral, was just the latest episode in an ugly rash of confrontations involving aggressive customers who are upset with the store’s embrace of Pride Month. The company announced this week that it would remove items “that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior” from some of its stores. Advertisement“It’s kind of sad to see them kowtow to pressure from these people who clearly have no way to be satisfied other than seei …

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