Beth Pinsker: Want to hire a financial planner? What to expect and how to know what you’re paying for.

by | May 19, 2023 | Stock Market

Over the years Pam Krueger hosted the MoneyTrack show on PBS, listeners constantly told her that they feared going to see a financial planner so much that they put it in the category of going to the dentist or to see a divorce lawyer.  “They’re so intimidated in that first meeting. They feel they’re going to be judged and so they’re hesitant to even start a conversation,” says Krueger, who recently created a network of vetted fee-only financial planners called Wealthramp and also co-hosts the Friends Talk Money podcast. 

This fear of the unknown keeps many who could benefit from financial planning from seeking it out. But what if there was a way to know what you’re getting into?  One financial planner, Cody Garrett, put his entire process online for educational purposes, mostly for the benefit of training other financial planners through his Measure Twice Planners services, but also to provide some transparency for clients. “We can’t expect the public to value financial planning if they don’t know what it looks like,” says Garrett, who is based in Houston.  The videos available free to the public shed light on exactly how the process operates. It’s not flashy or complicated, but it is thorough. Garrett says he looks at every paper you have with a number on it, digging past the first summary page to the small print. He walks through how to look at a tax return, insurance coverage, an income sheet an …

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