Next Avenue: The real reason sunshine makes you happy: The benefits of vitamin D may surprise you

by | May 26, 2023 | Stock Market

This article is reprinted by permission from Vitamin D is a core micronutrient that enhances our health in various ways. Everything from our bones to our muscles, nerves and even our immune system benefits from adequate vitamin D levels. And now, we’re learning that vitamin D can affect mental health, too.

Unlike other vitamins and minerals, it doesn’t just come from food alone. As humans, we synthesize vitamin D from exposure to the sun. When the sun reaches the skin, it creates a cascade of reactions that help us synthesize this essential micronutrient.  So the sun doesn’t solely power our gardens and grass but also influences our health by promoting adequate vitamin D. While we know that getting outside in the sunshine is the best way to get vitamin D into our bodies – does it provide enough to affect our health positively?  And what does inadequate vitamin D look like? The ins and outs of this sunshine vitamin may surprise you. Don’t miss: Two breakthroughs on dementia — one that’s useful right nowSymptoms of insufficient vitamin D  Vitamin D deficiency traditionally manifests through a diagnosis of rickets in children or osteomalacia in adults. Both conditions cause bones to become frail and muscles to become weak, leading to pain and decreased quality of life, among other serious complications.  But there are different ways inadequate vitamin D levels appear. Vitamin D insufficiency or deficiency can appear in many ways outside of bone or muscle ailments.  For example, the Cleveland Clinic suggests that inadequate vitamin D can also show up as changes in mood or even increased feelings of depression. Additionally, severe deficiencies of this vital micronutrient may damage the heart, lead to seizu …

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