The Rudest Things You Can Do At The Pool

by | May 23, 2023 | Travel

Summer is approaching, which means pools around the country are finally starting to reopen for the season. But as fun as it is to swim and lounge with friends, your fellow pool-goers can make these relaxing days far less enjoyable.“When enjoying the amenities of a community or hotel, it is extremely important to keep the concept of etiquette at the forefront of your mind,” Jackie Vernon-Thompson, founder of From the Inside-Out School of Etiquette, told HuffPost. “One must continually be mindful of what they do and say, especially if others are utilizing the same amenity. Using courtesy and respect is paramount.”AdvertisementTo help make pool days more enjoyable for yourself and others, Vernon-Thompson and other etiquette experts share some common rude behaviors at the pool and how to avoid these mistakes. Jumping In When You’re Dirty“Regardless if it’s your own pool, hot tub or someone else’s pool, always jump in clean,” said Diane Gottsman, the author of “Modern Etiquette for a Better Life” and founder of The Protocol School of Texas. “Avoid getting into the pool covered in sweat or over-lathered up in suntan lotion.” If you’re sweaty, she recommended toweling yourself off before entering the pool. To avoid putting excess sunscreen into the water, make sure you rub it in properly and give yourself at least 15 minutes for your skin to absorb the sun protection before getting wet. Personal hygiene is important in and out of the pool. Many cultures take this very seriously, as the pre-swim shower is mandatory in places like Japan. Advertisement“Be sure to shower thoroughly before entering a community pool,” Vernon-Thompson advised. “It may sound weird, but make sure you are not all sweaty and just not smelling clean.”Showing Up With A Contagious Condition“Don’t use a public pool if you have a contagious condition — for example, a foot or toenail fungus,” said Tami Claytor, the etiquette coach behind Always Appropriate Image & Etiquette Consulting.Be mindful if you have an open wound as well.“This is where your humility and integrity shines brightest,” Vernon-Thompson said. “You do not want to subject anyone to any infection or rash that you may have. Don’t have the mindset that the chlorine may keep it from being transferable. Simply refrain from entering the pool. There are times when our desires are secondary to the health and safety of others. This is one of those times.”Using The Pool As A ToiletAlso related to health and hygiene, remember there are restrooms nearby for a reason — to be used.“Dare I say, do not urinate in the pool,” Vernon-Thompson said. “There has always been a restroom nearby every pool I’ve been in. Yes, chlorine may be in the pool. However, that is not an excuse for you to exhibit such poor behavior. Remember, integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching or sees you.”This rule applies to adults and to children. Consistently check your baby’s swim diaper and institute bathroom breaks for your older kids.Advertisement“Use the restroom before getting in the pool,” Gottsman said. “Nothing else should be said here – even little children should be taken inside periodically to go potty.”Bringing Glassware“Don’t bring glass anything to the pool area,” said …

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