14 Mistakes Tourists Make In Tokyo

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Travel

Since Japan reopened its borders to foreign tourists in October, many travelers have taken advantage of the opportunity to visit this bucket-list destination. Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, is especially popular, and for good reason ― the striking skyline, incredible food scene and treasure trove of unique cultural experiences are unforgettable.But as tourists pour back into Tokyo, they inevitably make a few common mistakes. We asked locals and other experts to share some of the issues they’ve observed. From dining mishaps to problematic cultural assumptions, here are 14 mistakes tourists often make while visiting Tokyo ― and some advice for avoiding these errors during your travels.AdvertisementNot Using Public Transportation“Tokyo has an extensive and incredible public transportation system of subways and trains. Don’t be afraid to brave the subway system. Get yourself a prepaid subway card, like Suica or Pasmo, for easy entrance into the subway. Google Maps will tell you which lines to take and where to transfer if you need to! Be mindful, Japanese people are generally quiet on the subway, and don’t eat or drink while riding!” ― Danny Taing, founder of the Japanese snack subscription box BokksuAssuming Everyone Speaks English“While you can get around with English in some tourist areas, it’s not widely spoken by the majority of Tokyo residents. Try to learn a few simple phrases, or utilize translation apps to bridge the language barrier and show effort. Learning a simple ‘hello’ or ‘thank you’ can go a long way!” ― TaingThinking Attractions Are Closer Than They Are“I think that the most common mistake international travelers make in Tokyo is getting lost in the city, especially in a subway station. Since popular places such as Asakusa and Harajuku are spread out over Tokyo (not concentrated on one main street, as in many countries), many of my readers say it was hard for them to plan their trip. In the city, I see some international travelers stunned and overwhelmed in front of the map board in the stations. There are 286 subway stations in Tokyo! It is unnecessary to learn all of the Tokyo map. I always advise future visitors to decide where in Tokyo they want to visit, first of all. It enables them to find out how to get to the places in advance and how to get there from their accommodation. Even Tokyo locals don’t know all the stations. By concentrating on the places they want to go, planning their trip …

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