: Biden would beat Trump even if a third-party candidate joins White House race: poll

by | Jul 21, 2023 | Stock Market

Voters are more interested in another Joe Biden administration than any third-party option or Donald Trump in 2024, according to polling data from Monmouth University. In another Biden vs. Trump election, a combined 47% of voters say they would definitely or probably vote for President Biden and 40% of voters would definitely or probably vote for ex-President Trump. But majorities would not vote for either Biden or Trump, the poll found.

The electorate is seemingly disheartened with these two choices, but they’re not exactly enticed by a third-party option, either. Biden still had more support than Trump, even when a third-party “fusion ticket” with one Democrat and one Republican was added to the mix, Monmouth found. With a fusion ticket as an option, 37% of respondents would definitely or probably vote for Biden whereas 28% would definitely or probably vote for Trump. Thirty percent of respondents would entertain voting for the fusion ticket.

Democrats have expressed concern that a third-party ticket would siphon votes from Biden and spoil his chances in 2024. The presence of a third-party fusion ticket detracts votes from both Biden and Trump, but not enough for the ticket to be a “spoiler,” the polling report said. Support for a fusion option declines when actual candidates are named on the ticket. When the poll introduced a potential ticket of Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin and Republican former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, 44% of respondents definitely would not vote for the option. Only 2% of respondents definitely would vote for the hypothetical Manchin-Huntsman ticket. Manchin and Huntsman headlined a town hall on Monday hosted by the nonprofit No Labels, which is pursuing ballot access to enter a “unity” ticket, similar to the Monmouth poll’s fusion ticket, in the 2024 race. The event heightened speculation that Manchin could have presidential aspirations for 2024. Read: Sen. Joe Manchin fuels rum …

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