Help Me Retire: I’m 50 and divorced with no kids. I have an MBA but am afraid I’ll still be working when I’m 70.

by | Jul 29, 2023 | Stock Market

Dear MarketWatch,  I’m turning 50 this year. I’m divorced with no children, and I have struggled over the past few years with job loss, starting with the pandemic. I have an MBA, which I thought would change my life, but I have not benefited from it and I will need to start paying back my student loans soon.  

I do have a decent job now. I make about $46,000 and will be up for a salary review this September. I have a 401(k), and this job also qualifies me for possible loan forgiveness after 10 years. I do not own a home, but my father’s home will be willed to me — although I don’t look forward to that, because that means I’ll have lost my dad.  I do want to be married, but that’s not in the picture right now. I do want to retire at some point, but it seems like that’s a ways off. I also plan to teach undergraduate courses as an adjunct once I leave my full-time position. I currently do some work with a state medical college. I’m just afraid of being like my mother, who is turning 70 next year and is still working with no retirement …

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