The View From Unretirement: ‘It’s important to figure out who you can count on.’ How to thrive as a solo ager in retirement.

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Stock Market

One of the difficulties some people encounter in retirement is losing friends and loved ones. It’s why having a supportive partner and adult children can be such a balm (I’m very lucky to have both). It’s also why being one of America’s roughly five million solo agers (single and childless adults, formerly called “elder orphans”) age 65 to 74 can be so hard in retirement.

Experts, however, have some smart recommendations on ways solo agers can thrive, as I’ll share momentarily. Concerns of solo agersBut I first want to note a few troubling findings in a recent AARP survey of solo agers of solo agers who are 50+:
They’re more concerned about a variety of aspects of aging than other 50+ adults. In the study, 78% of solo agers were concerned about losing their independence and having to rely on others and 61% were concerned about being alone without family or friends.

Only 57% are satisfied with the number of friends they have.

Compared with a similar survey in 2020, a higher percentage of solo agers are now worried about three key topics. They’re more worried about needing money, managing bills and having their possessions distributed according to their wishes.

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