Financial Face-Off: Who has cheaper school supplies: Walmart or Target?

by | Aug 17, 2023 | Stock Market

Hello and welcome to Financial Face-off, a MarketWatch column where we help you weigh a financial decision. Our columnist will give her verdict. Tell us whether you think she’s right in the comments. And please share your suggestions for future Financial Face-off columns by emailing our columnist at [email protected]. The face-off Back-to-school season is here and the scent of freshly sharpened pencils is in the air. So is the scent of stress. If you’re a parent staring at a list of supplies your kid is supposed to bring to their new classroom, you’re probably wondering, where can I buy these crayons and notebooks quickly and cheaply?

That made me wonder which online retailer has cheaper school supplies: Walmart
or Target
? To find out, I shopped at both retailers for all 21 items on an actual fourth-grade supply list from a New York City public school.Why it matters We’re talking about big money. Families say they plan to spend an average of $251 on school supplies this year, and $1,498 in all on back-to-school shopping for items ranging from shoes and socks to calculators, according to a survey by RetailMeNot, a site that lists online shopping discounts.  Inflation-weary shoppers say they’re stressed out about the cost of supplies and worried about finding time to buy them, t …

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