Key Words: ‘Lazy-girl jobs’ creator hits back at allegations of elitism — says these jobs are ‘not a privilege of the middle class.’ Others disagree.

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Stock Market

“Lazy-girl jobs are not a privilege of the middle class. Work-life balance is common in higher-earning economic classes. Work means many different things to different tax brackets.” Those are the words of Gabrielle Judge, the 20-something TikTok influencer who coined the latest viral workplace catchphrase, “lazy-girl jobs,” a term designed to recognize a toxic workplace culture, and to help people to resist defining themselves by their job. She has cited marketing associate, account manager, or customer success manager as examples of such jobs.

Judge, who has nearly 150,000 followers on TikTok, responded to criticisms on the platform that the term portrays young women in a negative light and reeks of elitism. “I just got asked in this, like, ‘gotcha’ journalism way if I feel ‘lazy-girl jobs’ are a privilege of the middle class, which is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard,” Judge said. “What is a ‘lazy-girl job’? It’s work-life balance — being a bit more discerning about, hey, where is my time going, and why am I working so hard for nothing in return?” she added. But she also acknowledged that the phenomenon is a direct result of pandemic-era remote work, which was mostly a luxury afforded to those who work in offices. “Now employers are, like, ‘Hey come back into the office,’ and we are, like, ‘Heck, no way,’” …

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