The Margin: Oscar Mayer gave away straws shaped like hot dogs. They were gone in 9 minutes.

by | Aug 23, 2023 | Stock Market

What’s today’s hottest culinary accessory? It could be a straw shaped like a hot dog. Oscar Mayer announced earlier this week that it was offering such an item as a promotional giveaway, with those interested in receiving one being advised to go to a web page to pre-order. A company spokesperson said the initial allotment of free straws was claimed within nine minutes on Tuesday — and that a second allotment went similarly as fast on Wednesday.

The spokesperson added that the company is trying to keep up with demand and will have multiple giveaway occasions throughout the week. In all, the brand plans to give out hundreds of the items, the spokesperson said. Why a frankfurter straw — albeit one made from silicone? The basis for the idea isn’t Oscar Mayer’s, but rather originated via a TikTok video showing a baseball-game attendee turning a real hot dog into a straw, then sipping a beer through it. The video went viral and #hotdogstraw became a thing.

As one observer on Twitter (now X) put it: “I’d take it over a paper straw any day.”

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