The Moneyist: My ex-husband died and left a $100,000 life-insurance policy to our teenage children. How can I help them invest this windfall?

by | Aug 2, 2023 | Stock Market

Dear Quentin, My ex-husband, and parent to my teenage children, recently passed away. He did not remarry, and his $100,000 life-insurance policy benefits our children. I would like to set this up to help them establish a nest egg, such as a down payment on a home in the future. I know it’s their money, but I just want to ensure that I do my best for them, especially as I know I have limited control after they are of age.

Both of my kids are in their early teens, and should receive educational benefits from Veterans Affairs. I’m still waiting on confirmation of that, as the VA is not known for timely processing. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Mother and Ex-WifeDear Mother and Ex-Wife, I’m sorry to hear that your ex-husband passed away, especially for your children at such a young age. You don’t mention any other assets — such as real estate — so I assume we are dealing with the $100,000 as the lion’s share of their inheritance. Your instincts are admirable, but you won’t be able to access this mone …

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