BookWatch: The internet’s future tech investment opportunities are here now for the taking

by | Sep 15, 2023 | Stock Market

Every few decades, a set of technologies converge to reconfigure the global economy and the order of human affairs. We saw this with the internet, a convergence of content, computing, and telecommunications networks that took us everywhere, all at once. Before that, it was power generators, electrical grids and the lightbulb that brought us 24/7 production.  Today, several revolutionary technologies are emerging all at once:

Generative AI and large language models like ChatGPT make people and companies more creative and industrious and unleash new capabilities in the economy. 

Blockchains help individuals and businesses to move and store value, automate complex business processes, and secure peer-to-peer transactions online without intermediaries.

The Internet of Things connects everyday objects — from door bells and thermostats to autonomous vehicles and roadway sensors—to data centers, forming an intelligent network for our connected world. 

Augmented and virtual realities take today’s two-dimensional Web and turn it into a spatial web integrated with our natural environment. 

Biotechnologies leverage living cells and biomolecular processes to augment human health through more targeted treatments and more nutritious foods.

Advances in energy harvesting, batteries and other storage technologies will revolutionize transport, energy grids and public infrastructure with greener and cleaner options. 

The world is entering a new era — call it Web3. Let me explain: jus …

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