Gensler is testifying before Congress and facing increasing lawsuits over his many rule changes

by | Sep 27, 2023 | Financial

SEC Chair Gary Gensler participates in a meeting of the Financial Stability Oversight Council at the U.S. Treasury in Washington, D.C., July 28, 2023.Kevin Dietsch | etty ImagesSecurities and Exchange Commission Chair Gary Gensler is testifying before the House Financial Services Committee today. It will be very much like his testimony two weeks ago to the Senate Banking Committee: a forum for Republicans to attack Gensler for being overzealous and overreaching in his rulemaking proposals. Republicans are increasingly apoplectic about the more than 40 rules Gensler has been proposing, especially now that he has begun adopting them. That’s not new. Republicans have been critical of Gensler from the get-go. What’s different, nearly three years into the Biden administration, is that the financial services industry (hedge funds, mutual funds, market makers, trading firms, exchanges) are increasingly abandoning attempts to negotiate with Gensler and adopting a more confrontational stance. Some are suing him. “The industry (brokers and exchanges alike) are left with the only remaining tool at their disposal – a tool of last resort — litigation against the Commission,” Kirsten Wegner, CEO of the Modern Markets Initiative, wrote in a recent editorial in Trader’s Magazine. The complaints from the industry have been mounting for over a year: too many rules. No time for industry input. No roundtable discussions. No sharing of data used to make the policy decisions. The tone of the industry commentary toward Gensler has become increasingly hostile and bitter: “”Comment letters’ are a facade because it is all but impossible for the market to digest, process and respond to thousands of pages of draft regulation in only a few months’ time, and regardless, their points are often dismissed without meaningful study or …

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