Help My Career: A question for Labor Day: Who won the tug-of-war over remote work?

by | Sep 3, 2023 | Stock Market

Are you going to be working from home on this Friday before Labor Day weekend? If you are usually based in an office, the answer is probably yes. Three years after the pandemic began, employees have won the war over their work-life balance — for now — as many companies appear to have given up on forcing office workers back to the office full-time, workplace experts say. Now the years-old tug-of-war is increasingly over a hybrid arrangement — how many days per week office workers should be turning up for work in person.

A Pandora’s box has been opened, and there’s very little chance of managers closing it, said Nick Bloom, a Stanford University economist who studies the business implications of working from home. “We are now in a steady state where ‘hybrid’ is normal for office workers,” he told MarketWatch. “We have had 3½ years of this.” From the archives (February 2023): Bernie Sanders supports a 4-day workweek. These companies tried it — here’s what happened. Some 1.5 million workers are facing new office-attendance rules this year, according to estimates from JLL, a commercial real-estate and investment-management company. An additional 1 million workers will face new rules by year-end. “This has created the conditions once again for a significant post–Labor Day uptick in office attendance,” the report said. But a reckoning may be coming. Man …

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