Spokane City Council denounces mayor for appearance with Christian nationalists

by | Sep 27, 2023 | Religion

SPOKANE, Wash. (FāVS News) — The Spokane City Council voted 4-3 Monday night (Sept. 25) to denounce Mayor Nadine Woodward for her appearance onstage with Matt Shea and Sean Feucht at the controversial “Let Us Worship” event she attended just over a month ago.As the last item on the agenda, the resolution’s open comment period came at the end of the nearly five-hour council meeting with 33 people commenting and all the members of the council making a statement before the vote.
Who are Shea and Feucht?
While Feucht’s self-identity as a Christian nationalist troubles Woodward’s critics and other local religious leaders, her appearance on stage praying with Shea was highlighted in more than half of the resolution’s text.
Shea is well-known in the region as a former Washington state legislator connected to and for participation in domestic terrorism, advocating the creation of a new state called Liberty and his “Biblical Basis for War” manifesto. He is the pastor of On Fire Ministries and host of Patriot Radio, a podcast for “Christian Patriots in the Defense of Liberty.”
Feucht, who may not be as well known locally, is known nationally for his worship tours, which began as protests to government mandates limiting Christian gatherings during the pandemic.
In July, religious leaders throughout the Pacific Northwest wrote a letter to government leaders in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, calling out Feucht’s anti-LGBTQ+ bigotry in response to his 50-state “Kingdom to the Capitol” tour. This tour was held in tandem with his “Let us Worship” tour, which came through Spokane.

Public comment on the resolution
At the meeting Monday, council President Lori Kinnear gave warnings throughout the open comment period to maintain order and decorum, but that did not …

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