: ‘We’re growing food for others. We’re close to nature. We’re doing what we love.’ How to retire like a farmer.

by | Sep 2, 2023 | Stock Market

What is retirement? For many people, the traditional picture is of a time when we say goodbye to colleagues and enter a life of full-time leisure. Read: You’re probably not ready to retire — psychologically

That picture remains powerful, yet what’s striking today is the variety of approaches to this stage of life — approaches that often include some work. Think semiretirement, self-employment, part-time work and flexible hours. But we still don’t have a common language for describing that montage of late-life activities. Unretirement? Reinvention? Next chapter? Whichever label you prefer, thanks to the combination of longer lives (on average) and lower birthrates, the U.S. workforce is aging along with the population. More people are earning an income into their 60s and 70s for a variety of reasons, ranging from financial necessity to finding meaning by continuing to use skills developed over a long career. For many people, it’s a combination of the two. The share of workers who are 55 and older has almost doubled over the past two decades, from 13% to 23%. Read: I’m 70 and am thinking of going back to work to qualify for Social Security. Should I? There is much to applaud about an older workforce putting in more years on the job, but there are also concerns about the quality of life at work. Are the additional years of labor adding to a person’s sense of purpose and connection to everyday life, or are they simply increasing the time spent in drudgery for pay? Read: Older Americans will spend 12 years l …

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