Band walks 870 miles to complete Wales tour

by | Oct 30, 2023 | Climate Change

Tegan FoleyBy Rowenna HoskinBBC NewsTwo musicians have taken sustainable touring to the next level – walking 870 miles (1,400 km) with their instruments strapped to their backs. While BeyoncĂ© flies in a private jet, Filkins Drift have walked around Wales, performing almost 50 gigs. After hiking through two named storms, Chris Roberts and Seth Bye finish their 60-day tour in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, on Tuesday. They said the music industry has to change its “mindset” on sustainability.The subject of how musician’s tour hit the headlines in the summer when BeyoncĂ© arrived for a gig in Cardiff by private jet, while Coldplay’s Chris Martin took the train to the city a few weeks later.The climate cost of worldwide pop toursColdplay’s Chris Martin arrives in city by trainHow easy is it to be green on a budget?Chris Roberts, from Cardiff, said: “We’re not at all suggesting that everyone should give up driving and walk to all their gigs because it has completely taken over our lives, but things like choosing more sustainable routes (should be considered).”The guitar player said the 27-year-olds had discovered “how little stuff” they need to gig, each carrying a 15kg (33lb) bag. Seth, from Gloucestershire, said: “I’ve got kind of a medium-sized backpack and using an elaborate system of carabiners, my fiddle is strapped to the back of a bag, and I’ve also got the mic.”Chris has got his sort of massive guitar, which has got various bag straps on the outside of it and clothes stuffed in with the guitar.” Tegan FoleyThe duo began their walk in Flintshire on 3 September, travelling through counties including Gwynedd, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire, Swansea and Bridgend. After more than 45 gigs and 60 days, the journey is set to finish in Chepstow, with Chris adding: “It’s been mad because we’ve got a set of clothes that we walk in and one we do a gig in.”They said it has changed the way they plan to gig in the future, although it will probably be more focused on public transport than hiking.The pair came up with the walking tour idea after lockdown. Seth said when they began gigging again, their time was mostly “spent in a car stuck in a traffic jam, which isn’t very good for the environment, or mental and physical health”.”We were just wondering whether there was a better way to tour,” he said. Tegan FoleyPeople would call “out of the blue” to offer their home for the night.Seth said, despite having walked for two months, they have had “no blisters, no aches and pains” despite the fact they had “not actually trained” for the journey.”We walk all day, we have an hour for food, and then we do a gig, it’s just back to back – to start with it felt incredibly daunting, but now we have just settled into the natural rhythm of life,” he said. Related TopicsWalesCardiffClimateSustainabilitySustainable livingMusic …

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