BookWatch: ‘Money silence’ has a cost. Let’s debunk these myths about women investors. 

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Stock Market

 Women now control about one-third of the wealth in U.S. households.  While great effort is being made on an organizational level to include more women in the financial industry, day-to-day conversations about money and investing leave much left unsaid. There is a cost for women to this “money silence”. A key factor in building wealth is to take advantage of compounding interest — make money on your money. It’s important that women recognize and debunk these five investing myths so they can build wealth and lead the way for women everywhere.   

Myth #1: I can’t invest because I don’t even know where to start: Knowing where to start can be a challenge. So start at the beginning. We tend to carry behaviors our parents had around money and interpret those as our own. Acknowledge how you feel when you make financial decisions and define your value and belief system around money. Your experience is unique, and it may be aiding you to evolve or holding you back financially. Don’t be afraid to dig in and make it fun. Explore a conversation with someone you’re comfortable being vulnerable around and see what unfolds.    Myth #2: I can’t invest becaus …

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