Fix My Portfolio: My mom has $550,000 and dementia, and I’m worried what happens when her money runs out

by | Oct 6, 2023 | Stock Market

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About seven years ago my mom was diagnosed with aphasia which then progressed fairly quickly to frontotemporal dementia. She was around 70 at the time of the initial diagnosis. We were advised by her doctor to move her into an assisted-living facility, which we did. I was made power of attorney years earlier but didn’t know that she had purchased a long-term care policy in 2007. This was a great relief to us as it would cover her stay in the facility. We were also able to sell her house and invest that money. Last year she moved from assisted living to memory care as her condition deteriorated. We are now faced with her insurance money running out in about a year and a half. Thankfully she has about $550,000 in investments from the sale of her house which at the current rate, gets her about 10 more years in this facility. And while this situation is very sad and stressful for us, we feel ve …

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