Help My Career: Can you be fired for your political opinions — or for signing a petition about Israel and Palestine?

by | Oct 25, 2023 | Stock Market

Palm Beach Atlantic University has a clear mission.  The Florida-based Christian university, also known as PBAU, says it “equips students to grow in wisdom, lead with conviction and serve God boldly.” But English professor Sam Joeckel appears to have run afoul of those principles, at least as far as the school’s administrators are concerned. 

On March 15, after a complaint from a parent of a student, the university fired Joeckel. The professor said his dean told him he was “indoctrinating” his students by incorporating aspects of racial justice into an English composition class. Joeckel, 51, had worked at the college for more than 20 years and said he had incorporated racial-justice issues into his classes for at least a dozen years. He had always submitted his course plan to his dean, he told MarketWatch in an interview.  He said students could write a research essay taking either side, arguing that systemic racism was either real or not real. He said he typically received essays expressing both points of view. “It’s hard to talk about racial justice without talking about politics,” he said. “I think the two are intertwined. It’s the same with gender equality. The political is personal.” He added: “I found it to be …

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