Mutual Funds Weekly: These money and investing tips help you stay in the game no matter the score

by | Oct 13, 2023 | Stock Market

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It’s risky to bet Social Security’s solvency on the stock market A proposal claims to overcome Social Security’s multitrillion-dollar deficit without raising taxes or cutting benefits. But it’s not that simple. Read MoreInvestors shun high-yield debt ETFs despite gains as broader bond market stumbles Investors flee exchange-traded funds that buy corporate junk debt, a risky pocket of fixed income that has been outperforming as yields surge.  Read MoreWhy you can (mostly) trust the stock market’s current ‘buy’ signals Green shoots appearing that could lay the groundwork for a rally. Read MoreThree reasons investors have fallen in love with home builders’ stocks Shares of U.S. home builders have soared in 2023, but the stocks still trade well below historical price-to-earnings valuations. Read MoreThe stock market likes to climb a wall of worry — but now that’s crumbling Market-timers are eagerly buying this rally — a signal for contrarian-minded investors to step aside. Read MoreDividend stocks are dirt cheap. It may be time to back up the truck. Dividend stocks’ yields are the highest, relative to the S&P 500, that a veteran fund manager has ever seen. Read MoreBitcoin is undervalued now — but just look at its projected long-term return Bitcoin’s fair value is about $31,400, according to one respected forecasting model. Read MoreMeme stocks just won’t go away. Here is my anti-meme portfolio. Hope in meme stocks springs eternal, no matter how dismal their performance. Read MoreHow to tell if it is worth avoiding taxes with a municipal-bond ETF Depending on your tax federal tax bracket and which s …

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