Mutual Funds Weekly: These money and investing tips keep your portfolio fit when markets are out of shape

by | Oct 28, 2023 | Stock Market

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Millennials seem to dig bond ETFs despite volatile fixed-income market, Charles Schwab finds This week’s ETF Wrap takes a look at the findings in Schwab’s latest annual ETF survey as well as how Thursday’s economic data rippled through the bond market. Read MoreThe stock market is looking for direction and there’s a hopeful sign just ahead Winning trade has been to buy at the close on October 27 and sell at the close on November 2. Read MoreUniversity endowments fail when compared with the stock market. Here’s one reason. College and universities have just released their latest fiscal-year performance, and the results are underwhelming. Read MoreHere’s how a government shutdown in November would likely impact stocks Other events play a far more significant role in the U.S. market’s direction. Read MoreThis winning strategy can make you more money in the stock market with less risk These top investment newsletters delivered higher returns with less volatility over time. Read MoreThese 3 healthcare stocks should come to life as boomers live their golden years The baby-boom generation changes every aspect of life it steamrolls through. Now it’s doing the same to healthcare. Read MoreAmong the S&P 500, these 20 companies have made the best use of investors’ money High returns on invested capital can be useful for narrowing down a list of stocks for investment. Read MoreHow to play the coming January bounce-back for 2023’s stock-market losers Tax-loss selling and end-of-year window dressing artificially depress certain stocks, which then typically rebound in Janaury. Read MoreBig tech is battling to put AI on your PC, laptop and smartphone Expect In …

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