The Moneyist: My mother claims I’m in her will but refuses to show it to me. Should she put my name on the deed to her home?

by | Oct 31, 2023 | Stock Market

Dear Quentin, My mother is in her late 80s and owns her home outright. I have a half-brother I’ll call “Matt.” Matt has been designated my mother’s power of attorney. My mother has told me that in her will, everything will be split 50/50 between Matt and me. 

Her house is the only valuable asset. She is considering adding both me and Matt to the deed on her house. I’ve asked to see her will several times to verify her claim, and she has denied me every time, reiterating that everything is split 50/50.  Matt has always been hostile toward me, and I do not trust him to cooperate or be fair. He has a history of doing this with other family property. I have cut him out of my life. I expect him to cheat me out of my share of the estate or delay probate to prevent me from getting anything. My mother has always favored Matt because he gave her grandchildren, and I did not. I also have a second half-brother, “Liam,” who my mother claims to have cut out of her will because she says he “has plenty of money,” but I cannot confirm this.  Liam and my mother no longer have a …

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