The View From Unretirement: In retirement, time is short. Don’t waste it on things you hate.

by | Oct 11, 2023 | Stock Market

Retirement, some say, is a grand time to try new things. As Chip Conley, founder and chief executive of the Modern Elder Academy, recently asked in his Wisdom Well blog: “If Dick Van Dyke can learn the ukulele at 97, what can you pick up?” Here’s my question: What if you pick something up in retirement and then decide you’d rather put it down?

That’s what just happened to me.Giving up on my plans to do voiceover work in retirement Soon after “unretiring” in January 2022 from my job as managing editor of Next Avenue, the PBS website aimed at people 50 and older, I thought one of the things I’d do was learn to be a voiceover artist. I already co-hosted a podcast and felt comfortable in front of a microphone. I also thought it might be a kick — and possibly lucrative — to record audiobooks, museum guides and such things. So I signed up for virtual courses, bought a few hundred dollars’ worth of equipment to convert part of my home office into a studio — a new mic and stand, audio-interface gizmo, insulated hanging blankets, a portable recording booth — got a home studio certification and even made a demo. Read: How retirement heaven became retirement hell But after all that …

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