: Geopolitical clash could still spark market incident, Deutsche Bank CEO warns

by | Nov 7, 2023 | Stock Market

Investors should not make the mistake of thinking markets will react to another ramping up of geopolitical tensions in the same way they are currently reacting now, Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing has said.  Speaking at the Global Financial Leaders’ Investment Summit in Hong Kong, the veteran banker warned investors against complacency as he argued another incident that worsens international relations could quickly lead to a major market event.

The German CEO warned further clashes between state powers could quickly see markets lose their composure, as he said it should not be taken for granted that markets will remain as resilient in the face of conflict as they currently are now. “My biggest fear is that there is one more geopolitical escalation, and that can happen pretty quickly, and the markets at some point in time actually give up their calmness, and then you have a market event,” Sewing said.   The Deutsche Bank
CEO, in turn, said market participants should stay alert to the risks posed by geopolitical conflict, as he warned investors against mistakenly believing that markets will continue to remain unstirred.  “We all need to stay very much on alert with regards to risk appetite, stress testing, and simply don’t do the mistake and simply think that the markets will remain that calm as they are right now,” Sewing said.  The banking chief’s comments come as global markets have stayed relatively still following Hamas’ attack on Israel on Oct. 7 and Israel’s subsequent attack on Gaza over recent weeks.  Stock markets have also shown a rela …

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