Why Legends Creekside Is Failing The Owners Group

During the 2000, when Legends was first built, I had many guest stays and got to experience the property in its youth. Following in the footsteps of Intrawest (now Embarc), the property shared many of the styles, quality, construction build and common area features that distinguished Intrawest and a sister property, Legends.  However, time and maintenance decay has not been kind to Legends.  Embarc, on the other hand, has maintained a resilience in it property maintenance and upkeep that continues to make it the prize of Whistler as the recent purchase by Hilton attests too.  Unfortunately, Legends has lost it’s distinction with its former company and is now a second tier property suffering from the neglect of hundreds of small maintenance issues.

The slow decay is not due to lack of funds.  Legends charges it owners healthy weekly or monthly serveries fees.  The balance sheet is strong, but management has failed in its vision and accountably to maintain a tier one property.

Last December, in a market where the valuations are high and monthly fees are significantly higher then other locations, I was lured to buy a unit.  Why?  The main reason was location and  familiarity with the quality construction build. The property has good bones.   I have been a previous townhome owner in Whistler and am a current member at Embarc (formerly Interwest).   The location, in my opinion, is still one of the best in Whistler and arguably all of Vail Resorts.  This location represents the the real value and valuation opportunity that Legends has for it owners.

That said, as an new owner at Legends, it is my observation that Legends is in decay.  And decay means valuation loss (not optimize for the market and an estimated 10% to 15% equity loss to owners).   There are many disturbing maintenance trends.  The significant issues concern the common pool and adult hot tub areas (i.e. the strata) and outdated appliances in the units (the HOA) that don’t measure up to the reputation and value Legends projects.  It has definitely not kept up with its sister property Embarc.

Below is an illustrative documentation of selected important concerns contributing to the equity loss that seem to be share by other owners I have the chance to speak with.

The main strata issue is the year over year uncontrolled growth of moss, grass and weeds, structural cosmetic decay, and possible liabilities and safety in the adult hot area and common pool area.  These are also simple fixes that not only support the brand and property values of Legends, but contribute to the enjoyment of the people that spend time there.

Uncontrolled Moss In Common Pool And Adult Hot Tub Area Including Roof Areas

The pictures are more then descriptive here.  You can see uncontrolled year over year growth of moss and the structures including roof areas.  Simple seasonal power washing and the application of a clear coat would dramatically improve the visually rock features.

The pavers, not to mention how uneven they have become, need to have the grass mowed.  You don’t see this much paver grass and weeds anywhere else in Whistler.

Adult Hot Tub Area

If your first views of Legends was that Adult Hot Tub area, you probably would not use this hot tub.  In fact, it’s more picturesque of an undermaintained hot tub in a third world country, and one that I would not go in.

The existing lamp poles are significantly past their life cycle and are in desperate need of replacement.  Highly rusted poles on mounts that have partial bolts, peeling (bubbling) paint and missing light bubs makes one question if the hot tub water is safe, and begs question of possible safely violation (open access to live socket at hot tub!)  The missing bulb in one of the lamps has been that way since we took ownership.  

It time for some new lamp poles and as well as an update.

In addition, there has been a lack of paver maintenance to provide a level area, but also to keep the grass and weeds away.  You can see significant structural gaps at the stairs as well as moss.  Would you go in a hot tub that surroundings looked like this?

Carpet Hall Wall Outside Main Elevator 2nd Floor

The carpet outside the 2nd floor elevator at the far exit (locker area) is, well, gross.  The carpet has considerable wear but what really puts it over the top is the ugly stain.  Again, this diminishes the brand as a quality facility that Legends has enjoy.

More can be said.  But this is a starting point, and perhaps more importantly, a new tone could be set for how Legends manages its property that adds back the lost of 10% to 15% in property valuations.  As an owner, my hope is that Legends recognize the changes that have happened over the year and have the management skills to return it to it’s former peer position amoung the great facilities at Whistler.

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