Neglected Areas of Home Security

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House 13According to Lone Star Fence and Construction, a leader among fence companies, some burglaries happen daily, and you can be certain that one or more is taking place right at this moment. Perhaps a homeowner forgot to lock his door, or the guy in the next neighborhood left on vacation and let his newspapers pile up. These are just the kinds of things that burglars are always on the lookout for. They want some place that is easy to get into and is preferably unoccupied. Is your home secure, or will you become the next burglary statistic? Learn how to prevent burglary and avoid becoming the next target.

About Burglars

Most people would be shocked to learn that one-third of burglaries in the home occur through unsecured windows or open doors. The remaining two-thirds occur through forced entry.

Although there are some thieves who specialize in jobs that are more difficult and goods that are harder to fence, the majority of thieves just want the quickest entry access and goods that are easily carried like money, jewelry, and small electronics.

Every day homes are burglarized by the novice thieves, mid-range burglars, and true professionals. The novice thief has relatively no experience but is desperate for money. Mid-range burglars are learning the trade, allowing them to get better at performing break-ins. The professional looks for homes indicating wealth, those which could have security or alarm systems that may or may not test his abilities.

Neglected Areas of Home Security

Burglars are looking for the easiest targets to rip off. Essentially, they are looking for homes where homeowners have not taken measures to protect their homes for one reason or another.

Careless homeowners who fail to lock their doors or windows become prime targets for theft. Leaving these entry points open during the day or evening during warm weather makes it unbelievably easy for burglars to gain access.

Houses in disrepair with weak windows, worn door locks, or cheap doors that can easily be caved in are often targets. Homes with basic security efforts such as strong, solid core exterior doors, reinforced doorframes, deadbolts, window locks, and outdoor lighting are the best deterrents.

Consider replacing or increasing security on weak entry points like sliding glass doors and French doors. Thieves can easily pop a glass door off the track and gain access to the home in seconds.

Homes That Make Ideal Targets

Many homeowners fail to take into account that their home is a target for burglars because it is unoccupied, or because of location, landscaping, poor lighting, or seclusion.

Houses situated on corners with only one neighbor, or those that are in secluded or isolated areas, reduce the chance that a burglar may be heard or seen breaking into the home.

Landscaping near the front or side doors, as well as privacy fences, help to conceal someone breaking into a home. Poor lighting, or the lack of outside lights turned on at night, provide the perfect cover of darkness to work unseen when breaking into a home.

Aside from looking for the easiest homes to get into, thieves prefer unoccupied homes. They look for homes where people are on vacation, or where both parents are at work while the kids are in school.

In the News-Burglaries That Could Have Been Prevented

Police in San Marcos, Texas warn residents and students at Texas State about locking doors, which could have prevented the latest string of burglaries.

Residents and businesses of Hobbs, New Mexico recently experienced increased vandalism and theft. In just 16 days, police took 55 burglary reports resulting from unlocked homes, open vehicles, and broken windows.

Take the time to walk around your home, and look for the most vulnerable entry points that need to be replaced, fixed, or reinforced. There is no doubt that thieves will be looking for the same weaknesses. Taking precautions and maintaining security efforts are your best defenses against theft.

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